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"Work like startups" (Lean Deeptech Program)

Lean startup in the digital world has become mainstream but what is transferable to heavy industries where developing complex products can be long, expensive and risky? What methods are deeptech startups using in aerospace or biotech that can be applied in your industry? We bring the best of management science, design and lean approaches to help corporates work more efficiently.

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"Work with startups" (Collaboration program & process redesign program)

From cultural differences to the lack of an agile environment, the challenges are countless in startup-corporate collaborations. Let our team audit your current organization and practices to guide you towards the creation of tailored collaboration program that truly creates value for you and your future business partners. Follow our organisation process redesign program to quickly adapt your procurement, legal & project management processes. We go beyond mainstream open-innovation to build ROI driven projects.

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Matching the best deeptech startups to your needs

As a trusted third-party, we can put you in touch with our international high-level community, whether you are looking for startups developing specific solutions, deeptech experts, or key opinion leaders. We provide scouting and evaluation solutions to fit your needs and help you build the relevant relationships that can generate value.

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Design & leverage your deeptech ecosystem (technological & business value creation)

How to identify the most valuable ecosystem in which business and technological value can be generated? How to ensure Return On Investments through the most insightful decision making? In those unstable markets in which deeptech and breakthrough technologies are making waves, it is becoming crucial to have a general overview of your ecosystem, and identify concretely the value creation opportunities, either externally with other stakeholders or within your organization. You will discover, apply and adopt a proprietary method developed in order to grasp complex value creation ecosystems during this program, that connects CK theory and Ecosystem Value Flow.

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Hello Tomorrow and We Design Services, an innovation consulting company, join forces and combine their expertise to offer the consulting program We Design Tomorrow. 
This unique combination of novel innovation methodologies and deeptech expertise within a growing global network will be the catalyzer for the transformation your company needs to stay ahead of the revolution which is only just beginning.