A competition designed for

DeepTech Entrepreneurs

The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a renowned global startup competition designed specifically to address the needs of deeptech entrepreneurs across several different industries and technologies. The Challenge was created in 2013 by deeptech entrepreneur Xavier Duportet and Arnaud De La Tour, at the time both PhD students, who realised that the resources needed to propel emerging technologies were different from those of traditional web and mobile innovations.
The Challenge gives scientists and deeptech entrepreneurs around the globe a platform for their research and projects, providing equity-free prize money as well as other funding opportunities, global visibility and connections with key players in the deeptech innovation network.


Choose your main industry or technology focus


  • Master the skies

    • Urban and personalized air travel

      Bringing aerial transportation means to the masses (VTOL, flying cars, intermodality, etc.)

    • Towards cleaner aircrafts

      Increase fuel-efficiency and develop propulsion technologies using renewable energy, experiment new powering solutions

    • Drones/UAV technologies

      Transporting, monitoring, delivering or other innovative uses

    • Reinventing the aeronautics ecosystem and improving plane traffic

      Innovative technologies and systems for the benefit of pilots, traffic controllers, technicians and passengers

    • Improving travel experience

      From booking and flight experience to airport retail and baggage handling systems

    • Creating smart airports

      Smart city technologies applied to airports

  • Hardware and software solutions tackling challenges in a fully-computerized society

    • Big Data: storage, processing and analysis

      Collect, store and process data. Infer, visualize and use relevant information

    • Artificial Intelligence

      New models and applications across all industries

    • Blockchain

      Emerging usage enabled by blockchain technology

    • Cybersecurity and data privacy

      New technologies to protect sensitive data and fight cybercrime

    • VR/AR Interfaces

      New integrated systems, industrial and commercial applications

    • IoT and ubiquitous sensing

      Creating and interacting with a sensorized world

    • Hardware supporting advanced computing

      From photonics to quantum computing

    • Social impact of computing technologies

      Across education, protection of population and access to basic services

  • More about our partners

    Digital Health byDigital Health

    Healthcare powered by digital technologies to impact clinical outcomes and transform patients’ journey

    • Day-to-day healthcare relying on smart devices

      Wearable technologies, sensors and connected devices to prevent, diagnose, monitor or treat diseases

    • Health data valorization

      Secure, transfer, process and leverage on medical data to foster 4P medicine (predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory)

    • Smart systems to assist healthcare professionals

      Clinical decision support systems, AR/VR interfaces, robotics and innovative processes

    • Decentralization of health care

      Through eHealth services and telemedicine

    • e-Health impacting developing countries

      Improving access to diagnosis and first-emergency response, fighting epidemics

  • Clean and sustainable ways of producing, storing, sharing and consuming energy

    • Cleaner and more reliable forms of energy

      Developing new means of generating clean, renewable energy

    • Optimizing the generation, supply and consumption of energy

      From local to large-scale networks

    • Powering the future of mobility

      Energy generation, storage and efficiency solutions for transportation

    • Energy storage systems

      From systems powering our day-to-day lives to larger networks

    • Off-grid and microgrid solutions

      Decentralized power generation and distribution

  • More about our partners

    Food, Agriculture & Environment byFood, Agriculture & Environment

    Feeding the Earth’s population and protecting our planet

    • Innovative techniques for food production, processing, distribution and consumption

      And reducing the environmental impact of the whole supply chain

    • Food safety and traceability

      New processes, systems and packaging to reduce health risks

    • Smart agriculture and resource management

      Intelligent food cycle using new technologies

    • Resistance to diseases and pests

      Increase yields and food quality

    • Food production in inhospitable environments

      Innovative solutions for populations in developing countries

    • Water treatment, water resource management and air quality monitoring

      Monitor water and air quality, treat water and reduce water consumption

    • Waste management

      Recycling and valorizing general and organic waste

    • Preserve the environment

      Tackle global warming, clean polluted areas and protect biodiversity

  • More about our partners

    Global Health byGlobal Health

    Solving global health issues to save the lives of millions

    • Improving prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in low-income countries

      New products and disruptive technologies specifically adapted to the needs of these populations

    • Accelerating and improving access to better healthcare for those most in need

      New solutions to speed access to quality healthcare

    • Innovative solutions to assist healthcare workers in resource-poor settings

      Improving the quality and reducing the cost and complexity of delivering healthcare

    • Preventing and managing emerging health threats

      Leveraging technologies to address emerging threats and ensure access to health in emergency situations

  • More about our partners

    Industrial Biotech byIndustrial Biotech

    Biotechnologies for the sustainable processing & production of chemical products, materials, fuels and bio-pharmaceutical science.

    • Cellular factories

      Organisms (natural or engineered) for the production of compounds

    • Biocatalysts

      Innovative enzymes for a wide range of industrial processes

    • Bio-based materials for construction, transportation and packaging

      Textiles, biopolymers and bioplastics

    • Repurposing waste with biotechnologies

      Producing food, feed and fuel

    • Bio-engineering to improve healthcare

      Biomedical materials and bio-therapies(new drugs, gene editing, cell therapies…)

    • Marine biotechnology

      New products derived or developed from marine animals and plants

  • Assembling the Factory of the Future using new technologies and systems

    • Intelligent and modular systems for the physical space

      3D printing, robotics, IoT and innovative industrial models and infrastructures

    • Virtual ecosystems for industry

      Modelization, simulation and AR/VR interfaces

    • Green factories

      Cleaner, safer, energy efficient and effective manufacturing technologies

    • Facilitate the transition to data-driven industry models

      Improve production, maintenance and security systems

    • Create symbiosis between humans and machines

      Collaborative environments; improve human workers’ safety and efficiency

  • More about our partners

    New Materials byNew Materials

    Sustainable, smart and high-performance materials for industrial or everyday use.

    • Stimuli responsive materials

      Intelligent materials reacting to their environment

    • Bio-inspired and bio-based materials

      Using nature to create new materials

    • Improving the intrinsic properties of materials

      Pushing the boundaries of physical, chemical, mechanical properties

    • Innovative and multifunctional coatings

      Engineered surfaces with new or optimized properties

    • Increasing energy efficiency through the use of new materials

      Heat management, energy generation and storage, carbon capture and reuse

    • Sustainable materials and use of resources

      Creating new materials and improving existing production processes

    • Modelization and simulation

      Unleash the power of digital to create, analyse and understand new materials

  • Assembling the Factory of the Future using new technologies and systems

    • Paving the way for autonomous vehicles

      Building autonomous vehicles and the ecosystem required to handle new challenges

    • Cleaner transportation

      Developing and encouraging the use of electric, energy-efficient and clean modes of transportation

    • Breakthrough solutions for transportation of goods and people

      New means of transportation, shared and multimodal mobility, connected users and vehicles

    • New urban dynamism: commuting, connectivity, congestion, livability and urbanization

      Smart infrastructure and solutions for the city of the future

    • Increasing road safety

      New ways of preventing accidents and protecting people

  • Sky is no longer the limit

    • Earth observation

      Collect and analyse data to map, monitor and track

    • Space exploration

      Manned and unmanned interplanetary spaceflight, near-earth asteroid mining and space research

    • New telecom/network paradigm

      Micro- and nano-satellites constellations and atmospheric balloons

    • Dealing with space debris

      Protecting and de-orbiting satellites, capturing space trash

    • Democratized access to space technologies

      Reducing cost of accessing space

    • Improving space components

      Focusing on reusability, modularity and new manufacturing techniques

  • Explore the power of technology and nature in wellbeing and beauty

    • Protect from the effects of ageing, the environment and stress

      Understand, measure, control and repair the skin, hair, body and mind

    • Enhance appearance, boost spirit and physical fitness

      Through transformative and sensing technologies

    • Improve wellbeing for everyone using science and technology

      Regardless of age, health and living conditions

  • More about our partners

    Cybersecurity & Communication byCybersecurity & Communication

    Test description

    • More about our partners

      Drug Discovery byDrug Discovery

      Test description


      Connections - Visibility - Funding 

      • ONE €100K GRAND PRIZE

        For the best early-stage startup - Equity-free, no strings attached - Powered by BNP Paribas

      • ELEVEN €15K PRIZES

        For the best early-stage startup in each track - Equity free, no strings attached - Powered by our main partners

      • PITCH in front of a select audience of 400 people AT THE HELLO TOMORROW GLOBAL SUMMIT

        For the 70 startups selected as finalists, you will pitch in the now famous Hello Tomorrow Challenge Stage


        For our Top 500 startups - A full day of one-on-one meetings with 200 leading international deeptech investors - Seed & Series A


        For our Top 500 startups - Meetings with industry leaders facilitated by Hello Tomorrow, opportunity to showcase your product, and more


      Investor day

      One full day to connect with 200 investors & 100 corporates

      Startups selected as Top deep tech startups are invited to join the exclusive Investor & Business Day to meet with leading deeptech seed and early-stage VCs & CVCs .

      Here are some of the participants from our 2019 edition. Confirmed investors and corporates for the next edition will be announced soon.

      And many more...


      Milestones of the 2018-9 edition

      Select a date


      Get hand-picked by the best

      Hello Tomorrow has set up an international and interdisciplinary committee of leading scientists, industrial specialists, successful deep-tech entrepreneurs and renowned VC, to select the best startups in each industry track.

      • Ilian Iliev

        Managing Partner

        Ecomachine Ventures

      • Geoffrey Von Maltzhan


        Flagship Pioneering

      • Hemai Parthasarathy

        Scientific Director

        Breakout Labs

      • Emmanuelle Coutenceau

        Investment Director

        Novo Seeds

      • Larry Weiss MD

        Chief Medical Officier


      • David Guez

        Managing Director

        WeHealth by Servier

      • Marcus Remmers



      • Stéphane Roussel

        Managing Director

        Solvay Ventures

      • Edward Arkwright

        Deputy CEO


      • More jury members

        to be announced soon


      Previous GRAND WINNERS

      Raised more than $136M

      Take these amazing entrepreneurs as examples of what can be achieved through the Hello Tomorrow Challenge.


      "The Hello Tomorrow Challenge gave us the unique opportunity to interact with start-ups from all over the world as well as with top-level investors and corporate companies. I would highly recommend the competition to any start-up wanting to go global!"
      CEO, Novagray - 2016 Healthcare Winner



      Implant therapy to make paralyzed people walk again

      2014 Grand Prize Winner

      "Hello Tomorrow was one of the best things that happened to us"

      Gregoire Courtine, President

      Raised €35M since the Global Summit


      Mass reforestation using automated drones

      2015 Grand Prize Winner

      "We found our lead investor at the Global Summit"

      Lauren Fletcher, CEO

      Undisclosed investment from Parrot after the Summit


      Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing aircrafts

      2016 Grand Prize Winner

      "The only event, which really helps deep-tech start-ups"

      Patrick Nathen, CEO

      Raised €100M since the Global Summit


      Biodegradable sanitary pads made from banana fibre

      2017 Grand Prize Winner

      "Winning the Challenge put us on a global platform"

      Kristin Kagetsu, Co-Founder

      Named in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia


      Presenting your awesome deeptech solution!

      2018 Grand Prize Winner

      "All I had to do was apply online to the Global Challenge!"

      Your name here

      Unlock your potential

      Winners Challenge Button

      Eligibility CRITERIA

      Am I eligible to apply?

      Hello Tomorrow aims to empower ALL deeptech projects around the world. We therefore have set up the broadest, yet fairest, rules for projects in all stages of development.

      • Your project is in its early-stage of development (seed or Series A)

        We also accept projects that are about to be spinned-out from academic labs as long as they have a strong proof of concept

      • Your project is based on a scientific discovery, an advanced technology, a complex engineering process or an innovative application of an existing technology

      • Your project could solve an industrial, societal or environmental unmet need or create a new market

      • Your are a team of at least 2 working on the project


      Is your team based in one of these regions?

      By applying to the Global Challenge, you also get the chance to participate in one of our Local Finals. Connect with local coporates and investors and get a fast-track to the Global Summit!

      THE FAQ

      Got questions?

      The HT Challenge FAQ was created with love and care to help answer any of the questions you may have about Hello Tomorrow, the Global Challenge and Local Finals. 

      • What is the Hello Tomorrow Challenge


        The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a renowned global startup competition designed specifically to address the needs of deeptech entrepreneurs across several industries. The Challenge was created in 2013 by two PhD students Xavier Duportet and Arnaud De La Tour who realised that the resources needed to propel emerging technologies were different from those of traditional web and mobile innovation.

        The Challenge gives scientists and deeptech entrepreneurs around the globe a platform for their research and projects, providing participants with equity-free funding, global visibility and connections with key players in the deeptech innovation network and other fellow entrepreneurs. To date, previous early-stage participants have raised more than $240 million in funding.

        The applications open on June 4th and are open until September 14th. The Grand Finals will be held in Paris on March 13-15th during the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit.


      • Who is eligible?


        You are eligible if:

        -Your activity is based on a new technology or an innovative application of an existing technology.

        -You have a proof of concept, a prototype, a scientific validation of your claim, or are in the process of producing one.

        -Your team is made up of two persons or more. Your project is not part of a larger company.

        -Your project/startup is in early-stage (up to series A)

        -You foresee an economically viable application on the market within 15 years.

        -Your project has the potential to have a strong impact on the industry you target, and on society or the environment in general.


        All previous Global Challenge participants are welcome to reapply as long as they have not been a Grand Winner or Track Winner.


      • Do I have to be incorporated to apply?


        Projects don’t have to be incorporated to apply to the competition but they should have clear development plans and goals. In fact, 40% of the applicants from previous editions were not incorporated. In the case that a non-­incorporated project wins the competition, no funds will be transferred until the company is incorporated.


      • What are the verticals/tracks concerned?


        There are 12 tracks this year:

        Data & AI, Energy, Food, Agriculture & Environment, Wellbeing, Digital Health, Global Health, Industrial Biotech, Industry 4.0, New Materials, Mobility, Aeronautics, New Space.


      • What if my project fits more than one track?


        It’s up to you to select the track you think you would have the best chance of winning. In the case that the judging committee strongly believes that your project fits better in another track, we will suggest that you change track.


      • What are the awards of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge?


        The Top 500 most promising startups will be selected by Hello Tomorrow and are invited to the Hello Tomorrow Summit to interact with sector specific and invite-only investors, top executives, accelerators and fellow founders. They are also invited to the Investor Day, for one-on-one meetings with 200 top-tier VCs, which will take place the day before the Summit. 70 finalists (around 6 finalists per track) will have the opportunity to pitch in front of a 200 select audience, competing for the 15k€ prize per track. The grand winner, selected among track winners, will be awarded 100k€ (15k€ + 85k€).


      • What is the selection process of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge?


        The judging phase will take place in 3 distinctive steps. Applicants will be informed of the progress at each step.

        (1) Top 500 selection – The Hello Tomorrow judging committee will select the 500 best startups based on the quality of their online application.

        (2) Finalists – The judging committee will select around 7 startups per track. These finalist startups will be invited to pitch for finales at the Summit.

        (3) Track winners - A judging committee made up of investors, corporates, scientists and other experts in their field will select the track winners after their pitches at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris.


      • Who will judge the projects and how?


        Applications will be reviewed by volunteer expert judges (investors, entrepreneurs, executives, researchers and other experts in their field) who will analyse all applications working under NDAs. For the Grand Finale, taking place during the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, a list and profile of the judges will be published online and made accessible to contestants prior to the event. The applications will be judged according to the following criteria:

        Innovation: The company must develop a product/service based on a new technology or an innovative application of an existing technology.

        Potential impact: The company must have the potential to make a substantial long-term impact on business and/or society.

        Leadership: The company must have visionary leadership with the capabilities to drive the company towards success.

        Viability: The company should have well-formulated plans for developments and goals and a sustainable business model.

        During the Grand Finale the Hello Tomorrow Challenge judging committee will rate and select projects based on the quality of the pitch and the complementary information provided by the startups after the first selection rounds (1 page summary & pitch deck).


      • How is the HT Global Challenge different from other startup competitions and events?


        We designed the Global Challenge specifically for deeptech projects and startups, to acknowledge that the needs and resources needed for deep technologies were different from those the of digital startups. At the Summit, you’ll meet experts in science and technology, including investors, executives, entrepreneurs and potential customers brought under one roof, who have a solid understanding of the needs and potential impact of new solutions and want to be part of the deep technology transfer.

        Contrary to local challenges, it provides a platform for global visibility, ranking early-stage startups and the connections you can make at the Hello Tomorrow Summit (3,000 attendees from 110+ countries in 2017). The Summit is invite only and the Challenge gives you an opportunity to be part of the deeptech network. Hello Tomorrow is a non-profit organisation run by a group of young, passionate people who basically just really love deep technology and want to see you get your innovation into the world!


      • Do I have to pay for the Challenge? Will I be engaged with Hello Tomorrow or a third party if I participate?


        Entries to the Hello Tomorrow Challenge are entirely free, and don’t engage applicants in any way. Hello Tomorrow does not require any action from the applicants aside from the application material, and does not claim any kind of decision, power or take any equity.


      • Is my information confidential?


        The information you provide on your application will only be available to the following individuals:

        -Hello Tomorrow and our IT team (to manage the application platform) Our volunteer expert jury members (to judge your application)

        -Our corporate partners (to look for potential collaboration)

        They all sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, available upon request. However, if you believe some information might be too sensitive (because of a pending patent for example), we advise that you get legal advice from someone within your institution. If you do not have access to legal counsel, don’t hesitate to send us an email.


      • When will I know if I’m selected?

        Top 500 startups, which are invited to the Summit will be notified on October 24th. The finalist will be announced January 8th.

      • Why are you only organizing Local Finals in a few countries?


        We are currently developing our network of local hubs around the globe and have been previously organizing local competitions to empower entrepreneurs at a local level, helping to provide opportunities for startups within their own ecosystem. This year, we decided to have these local challenges integrated into the Global Challenge, as Local Finals. For future editions, as we develop our global network, we’ll be organizing more Local Finals in more countries. Our goal is to have every country covered by a Local Final by 2020.


      • Which countries will host a Local Final?


        The following countries will be hosting Local Finals:

        Japan - open to projects/startups based or incorporated in Japan

        Turkey - open to projects/startups based or incorporated in Turkey

        Singapore/Southeast Asia - open to projects/startups based or incorporated in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong

        Ghana/Africa - open to projects/startups based or incorporated in any African country

        Brazil - open to projects/startups based or incorporated in Brazil

      • There is a Local Final organized in my country/region. What does it mean?


        If your team is based in country covered by a Local Final, you’ll have the opportunity to meet potential partners, investors and the local deeptech community, win your return trip to Paris for the Global Summit in March 2019 and other prizes as well (check your Hello Tomorrow Local Hub website for more information).


      • There is no Local Final in my country, can I still apply to the Global Challenge? How will this affect my application?


        If your team is not based in a country covered by a Local Final, don’t worry! It won’t affect your application to the Global Challenge and you still have just as much chance of being selected as one of our Top500 or even finalists, and will enjoy the full experience of the Global Challenge and Global Summit!


      • How do I apply to the Local Final in my country/region?


        It’s easy! In the Global Challenge application form, when you select your country, an additional question will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to apply to the Local Final. Just fill out the rest of the form and submit your application!


      • Can I apply to the Local Final without applying to the Global Challenge?


        No, you can’t. But why would you? Winners of the Local Finals even get their flight tickets to Paris sponsored to attend the Global Summit in Paris!


      • Is it mandatory to participate in the Local Final if one is organized in my country/region?


        No, and it won’t affect your application. But you’ll be missing out on amazing extra opportunities!


      • What is this Hello Tomorrow Summit?


        The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit is the first global event dedicated to scientists and deeptech founders in every industry. This is where finalists will pitch in front of an audience of 300 people and an expert jury to compete to win their track and be in with a shot of winning the Grand Prize. There is also a full program, including Keynotes from leaders in science and technological innovation, expert panels discussing issues around technology and interactive learning sessions aimed at early-stage startups to share best practices and advice on how to advance your company.


      • Who will attend the Summit?


        The Summit brings together 3,000 of the most prominent leaders in emerging technology. This unique group of curated participants include investors, founders, top executives, scientists & other academics, policy makers, PHD students and journalists. While some tickets to the Summit will be for sale, the majority of attendees will have been carefully invited and selected by Hello Tomorrow for their ability to bring expertise to one or several of the industrial sectors represented by the Challenge’s tracks.


      • Do startups which are participating in the Challenge need to pay tickets to attend the Summit?


        Top500 startups do not have to pay to attend the Summit including the Investor Day. However, Top500 startups that want to attend the event in Paris have to pay a deposit of 150€ per ticket which is reimbursed when showing up at the Summit. The reimbursement will take place within one week after the Summit. Participating startups that did not make it into the Top500 but nevertheless would like to attend the event in Paris have to pay their tickets.


      • Does Hello Tomorrow pay for travel expenses for foreign startups coming to the Summit?


        As a non­profit, we cannot cover travel costs for over 500 startups. Applicants are thus responsible for travel or accommodation expenses. We understand that the cost associated with travelling to Paris can be significant. However, we’ve seen from previous editions that startups truly benefit from the Summit due to the visibility they get from interacting with top-level executives and selected investors from their industry.