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Enhancing humans

Canan Dagdeviren (MIT), Nathaniel David (Unity Biotech), Ed Boyden (MIT)

How far can or should we go: bionic eyes, microchip implants, enhanced brains, or artificial nutrition ?

Harnessing Plants Microbiomes

Geoffrey Von Maltzahn, CTO of Indigo

Helping farmers sustainably feed the planet

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Hax: Disruption through hardware

Benjamin Joffe

Benjamin Joffe, partner at HAX, talks at the 2017 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit.

Upscaling a deep-tech startup

Lilium Aviation

Patrick Nathen, Co-Founder of Lilium Aviation and 2016 winner of the HT Global Startup Challenge talks about their journey to building the world's first VTOL.

In the future we'll wear spider silks

Dan Widmaier

Dan Widmaier, CEO of Bolt Threads, talks spinning us towards a sustainable future at the 2017 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit.

How AI might make us better people

Stuart Russell

Stuart Russell, Professor at UC Berkeley and AI pioneer explains how it will be up to us to teach robots how to make the right decisions.

Can we make it to Mars anytime soon?

Laura Kerber

Laura Kerber from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, transports us to the Red Planet at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017.

Solar panels that make water out of air

Cody Friesen

Cody Friesen, CEO of Zero Mass Water, fundamentally changing our relationship to water at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017.

Microbes, Mycelium & Magic

Eben Bayer

Eben Bayer, CEO of Ecovative Design talks magic mushroom materials at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017.

Enabling human hibernation for space travel

John Bradford

John Bradford from Spaceworks talks making it to Mars with human hibernation technology at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017.

The future of nanomedicine

Joy Wolfram

Joy Wolfram from the Mayo Clinic, explains how nanomedicine has the potential to change the way we treat disease at the 2017 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit.

The small satellite revolution?

Ane Aanesland

Ane Aanesland, CEO of ThrustMe, explains how new satellite infrastructures can improve our lives at the 2017 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit.

Scaling-up wave energy production

Inna Braverman

Inna Braverman, Co-Founder of Eco Wave Power, explains how she kept playing even when the odd were against her to build a successful wave energy company. The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017.

Revolutionizing solar power with perovskites

Sam Stranks

Sam Stranks, Researcher at the University of Cambridge, presents perovskite, a man-made ionic mineral which has the potential to transform solar power. The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017