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Hello Tomorrow

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Enhancing humans

Canan Dagdeviren (MIT), Nathaniel David (Unity Biotech), Ed Boyden (MIT)

How far can or should we go: bionic eyes, microchip implants, enhanced brains, or artificial nutrition ?

Harnessing Plants Microbiomes

Geoffrey Von Maltzahn, CTO of Indigo

Helping farmers sustainably feed the planet

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New materials : building with living materials

Henk Jonkers, Researcher at TU Delft

Building with concrete that is able to heal itself?

New materials : digitizing chemistry

Lee Cronin, Professor at Glasgow University

Construct complex functional molecular architectures that are not based on biologically derived building blocks.

Building & Managing a Board

Jerry Sanders & Geoffrey Von Maltzahn


Smart factories: augmented operators

Thomas Kirchner, CEO of Proglove

Wearables that enable manufacturing and logistics staff to work faster, safer and easier.

Smart Factories : Cloud Robotics

Dominique Hunziker, CTO of Rapyuta

Empowering lives with connected machines.

How to build a great company culture ?

Frédéric Mazzella, CEO of Blablacar


The World's first Tattoo performed live by a Robot

Appropriate Audiences

Tatouée. made the main stage silent for this 4-minute tattoo .

When Music is powered by Technology

Imogen Heap

Electronic gloves that allow people to interact with their computer remotely via hand gestures.

Privacy & Security in a Connected World

Rand Hindi, Anna Pouliou & Tristan Nitot


Morphing Machines

Chandar Aldar

Reconfigurable massively parallel processor SoC platform

Aftermovie 2016

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

3000 deeptech innovators and global leaders gather in Paris to build the future of 10 industries.


Frédéric Crampé

Minimizing electricity costs by storing energy based on price variations